MSV 1721

The War Years: How the Pulitzer Prize winner found his voice, made peace with San Jose

MSV 1711

Still No Answers

MSV 1709

Floodgate: How the Water District and City of San Jose’s Comedy of Errors Became a Local Tragedy


Moneybrawl: How the Mayor of Santa Clara, San Francisco 49ers Went to War over Levi’s Stadium


A Guide to Surviving the Next 4 Years under President Trump

Political NASCAR

Political Nascar: A wealthy Republican’s ridiculous plan to shame money out of politics


Welcome to Santa Clara: The dodgy politics behind the stadium deal—a city’s 15 minutes of fame, destruction of evidence & a Grand Jury inquiry


Orange is the New Sauce: The untold story of the South Bay’s wickedly addictive taqueria staple

Reservoir Gods

Reservoir Gods: What’s the water board doing about a contractor involved in a bribery scandal, cover-ups, conflicts and alleged billing fraud? Letting them have another million bucks.

MIke-Honda-Under Fire

Congressman Under Fire: The Case Against Mike Honda


Slippery Schools: County boss exploits spending loophole, hands out insider contracts, violates Public Records Act

Spend Money Like Water: H2O District CEO throws millions at deputy’s husband’s firm, keeps his board in the dark


Culinary Confidential: Behind the scenes at the Valley’s school for chefs

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Bros Gone Badge: How police chiefs laugh at us, their colleagues and the electeds when they think no one’s watching

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Protect & Survive: Deadly encounters between police and citizens have increased in recent years. And while officer-involved shootings are nearly always ruled justified, mistakes are costly—both in lives and in the millions that the public pays to victims and their heirs.

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Is this any way to run a democracy? Behind the meltdown at the Registrar of Voters

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Foster Freeze: How the county built a database to nowhere

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Sacramento’s Worst Boss: Temperamental Assemblywoman Nora Campos has a problem keeping employees

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Xavier Takes the 5th: SJ Councilman Xavier Campos clams up to grand jury probing sister’s collusion with Shirakawa in stolen 2010 election; Part 2.

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Mike Honda’s wake-up call: Silicon Valley’s globe-trotting, karaoke-singing, hard-partying congressman has had a charmed career

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County Coverup: Why officials enabled Shirakawa embezzlement

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How George Fakes It: Shirakawa submits phony expense reports to cover up drinking and pleasure trips on public dime

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King George: The county’s top elected official used campaign funds like a personal bank account to pay his friends and his girls and go on a gambling junket

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The Big Bet: Casino M8trix’s $50 Million gamble to bring a bit of Vegas to town—if San Jose will let it open its doors

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The Sam & Dave Show: Both labor and business think a Sicilian-American, Bellarmine-educated attorney should be the next mayor of San Jose. Oh wait, there’s two of them!

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The Revolution App: HotSpot Shield, a free program developed in Mountain View, has become a conduit to the free and open World Wide Web during the wave of revolution in the Middle East

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Hardball: San Jose steps up to the plate while the Giants snub the South Bay fans and Major League Baseball dithers

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